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Shop Capabilities
DMD implements world-class tools for world-class projects. Our professional team is outfitted with state of the art equipment located in our spacious, 25,000 square foot fabrication facility. We provide our design, fabrication, and fitting experts with the best tools and equipment available to fully realize your project with the precision and craftsmanship you’ve come to expect.

Our fabrication facility is designed to handle projects large and small. Our 3 ton crane makes easy work of even the most ambitious projects. We are leaders in metal design, and this material is at the core of who we are. DMD is capable of utilizing any metal requested — nothing is out of reach. Our expertise in this field guarantees you quality and craftsmanship that is unsurpassed.


Our facility is equipped to integrate glass and millwork into your projects as well. We’re passionate about creative, original, and sophisticated works of art that utilize the best variety of materials at our disposal.

Fully automated CNC plasma cutting and CNC milling stations allow us to not only make the most complex jobs a reality, but in the hands of our skilled technicians, the artistic opportunities are limitless. Our in-house CAD team is available to assist in the design process and execute project analysis.

“Full-service” and “turnkey” are not simple marketing terms we toss around lightly. It’s who we are. To offer you the highest possible service in the most timely manner available, DMD oversees each step of the process within it’s fabrication facility utilizing the most skilled CAD designers, metalworkers, engineers, and technicians in the industry.



  • CNC Waterjet
  • CNC Shear and Brake
  • CNC Milling
  • CNC Cutting
  • 2 Overhead Cranes
  • All Welding
  • Detailing and Modeling


The best fabrications all begin at the same source: a great idea. 
We understand that not every project comes with a fully production-ready set of plans.  That’s where we come in.  From basic concepts to coffee house napkin sketches, we can take your idea and fully design and develop it within our state of the art CAD systems.  We’re creative people, and we take pride in the the marriage of artistry and engineering.  Not only can we build it, we can dream it. 
We’ve designed it this way.
We have years of experience collaborating with architects and engineers who call upon us to fabricate their fully realized plans. 
Our fabrication facility is large enough to handle even the most ambitious project, and our team has the practical knowledge to troubleshoot the most challenging of design requests.  DMD is outfitted with the best in modern equipment and is experienced in modern fabrication techniques.


View our portfolio of work here.
We’re truly a turnkey solution capable of taking your idea from forging and bending, to cutting and fitting, to fit and finishing.  We work tirelessly to manufacture your exacting vision, transport it to the job site, and oversee it’s final installation.  Your project is intended for the world to see. 
From the first weld to the final polish, we want to partner with you in making this dream a reality.


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